Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recycle & Play! Six-Pack Net & Bread Bag Jump Rope

Celebrate Earth Day not only on April 22nd but every day! Make homemade toys and play props by recycling bread bags and plastic six-pack rings. Here’s how...

Six-Pack Ring Net
Materials Needed:
  • Six to eight plastic six-pack rings (a set of connected plastic rings that are used to carry six-packs of beverage cans or plastic bottles of soft drinks--”carrier rings”).
  • Colored masking tape (NMASK)
Let’s Get Started:
  1. Place six-pack rings end-to-end.
  2. Cut small pieces of masking tape (1”-2” long) and use to connect one set of six-pack plastic rings to another set of six-pack plastic rings.
  3. To make the net wider, connect another row of six-pack rings with masking tape above or below the first net. Most nets are two “carrier rings” wide.
  4. Tie pieces of cord to the top and bottom of the last hole on both ends.
  5. Attach the net to chairs, walls, coat racks, or trees.
Use your Floppy Flipper to hit balloons, beach balls or foam balls over the net.
Bread Bag Jump Rope
Materials Needed:
  • 27 empty, flat plastic bread bags

Let’s Get Started:
  1. Place nine bread bags in a row, alternating the top of one bread bag next to the bottom of the next bag.
  2. Cut small pieces of transparent tape and connect one bread bag to the next bread bag by taping the top of one bread bag into the fold of the bottom of the next bread bag in the row.
  3. When one side is taped, turn the row over and tape the bags together on that side.
  4. Continue to make 2 more rows of 9 connected bread bags. You will have a total of 3 long rows of bread bags.
  5. Trifold (fold into thirds) each row of 9 bread bags. Secure with tape.
  6. Lay the rows side by side and knot together at one end.
  7. Braid the three rows of bread bags together into a long jump rope and knot that end.
Preschool children do not jump rope with individual ropes; however ropes can be used for several other activities. Balance ropes on body parts, or walk on top of ropes as a pretend balance beam. Put the ropes on the floor to represent different pathways, or to jump over.
 In my next post, I will share some favorite activities to do with your new homemade Bread Bag Jump Rope or any jump rope!

For now, get started by encouraging your children/students to start recycling by saving lots of bread bags and six-pack carrier rings.

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